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What's the Best Class for Me?

This gives a general indication for class levels.  We recognise that people progress at different levels and have had varying past dance experience, so please email or call us to discuss if you require more information.

Introduction Courses

Our 10 or 5 week structured courses are a great way to get started in a new dance style. They are designed to suit complete beginners or those with a little experience who want to refresh their skills. They will give you the skills and confidence to move forward into the level classes. The 10 week courses run in four blocks throughout the year in line with school terms. Often people choose to do a course twice before moving to level 1.

Introduction to Ballet 10 weeks

Our Introduction to Ballet Courses have been running for almost 10 years and have proven to be the best place for adult learners to start their dance journey. Including barre and centre exercises they provide a foundation of ballet technique, co-ordination, core strength and flexibility. There are three courses run per week to choose from but if you are unable to make the same day each week you can make it up on another day.

Or if you want to fast track you can do more than one class a week and purchase another card when the course card runs out.

Introduction to Contemporary Dance 5 weeks

In this course you will learn the fundamentals of past and present contemporary dance techniques of dynamics, release and flow. Contemporary dance is a great way to explore expression of movement and develop a style of your own.

Introduction to Broadway Jazz 5 weeks

Learn as you dance about the history of Broadway Jazz encompassing music theatre styles of jazz from the 1950’s Bob Fosse musicals such as ChicagoCabaret, Sweet Charity to large scale musicals today such as Fame, Wicked, and Grease.

Introduction to Tap 10 weeks

This course will get you started with the basics for many styles of tap – from its origins on Broadway to Street Tap today.

Introduction to Pointe 5 weeks

This is a course is for those who want to try pointe for the first time. If you aren't sure if you are ready for pointe work just ask your teacher. This is a structured course but can also be attended casually.

Ballet Level 1

This is a beginner class for those who have had a little ballet experience. It is a follow on from Introduction to Ballet. It's a good place to start back if you did ballet as a child, or have done beginners ballet elsewhere. Its also good if you just want to go back to basics.

Ballet Level 2

This class is suitable for those that have done ballet for approximately one to two years. It is also a good place to start back if you did ballet as a child. It can be good class to come to if you did quite a lot of ballet when you were young and you want to come back slowly.

Ballet Level 2/3

Suitable for those who have been doing Level 2 and want to take the next step up.

Ballet Level 3

A medium level class is for those that have done ballet for two, three years or more.

Ballet Level 4

For those with four years of ballet or more.

Pointe Level 1

This class if for those who have started pointe or have done a little pointe in the past.

Pointe Level 2

For those with 2 years or more experience with pointe work.

Contemporary Level 1

For those who have done a little contemporary this is a follow on from the Introduction to Contemporary. If you have completed an Introduction to Ballet Course you could also give this a try.

Contemporary Level 2

An intermediate level contemporary class.

Broadway Jazz Level 1

A follow on from the Introduction Course or for those who have dance experience.
Broadway Jazz encompasses music theatre styles of jazz from the 1950's Bob Fosse musicals such as Chicago, Cabaret, and Sweet Charity to large scale musicals today such as Fame, Wicked, and Grease.

Tap Level 1

A follow on from Introduction to Tap, or suitable for those with some tap experience.

Tap Level 2

An intermediate level tap class.

Tango Flow

A class that explores tango technique from a ballet and contemporary dance perspective. No partner required.

Fit Barre

This half hour class is based on ballet exercises to contemporary music that incorporate simple repetitive exercises to build strength and fitness.

Stretch for Dance

This class combines various stretching techniques including pilates, yoga and traditional dance stretches. Suitable for those wanting to become more flexible for dancing and also for non-dancers.


* Note that some class types listed here may not be available - please see the timetable.

Now that you've read about the types of classes and courses available, check out our timetables on the classes page.

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