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The dancing careers of New Farm girl Michelle Giammichele and Rosetta Cook followed similar paths for more than 25 years. They were dancers with the Queensland Ballet and the company’s principal dancers at different times.

They have shared dressing rooms. They have shared roles. They have shared the stage in many of the world’s most well-known and demanding dances. Best of all, they have shared a strong friendship.

Their paths separated for a time as Michelle followed her career around Australia and throughout Europe where she danced before the late Princess Diana, the Sultan of Oman and a host of celebrities.

During the 90s, Rosetta moved away from classical ballet into contemporary dance, theatre and film.

Michelle was a principal dancer for the Queensland Ballet for 20 years, which is considered a significant accomplishment in such a competitive and demanding profession. She has been the senior soloist for London City Ballet under the patronage of the Princess Diana and also danced with the Vienna Ballet Theatre.

Now the two are working side by side — in a par des deux as it where — again. They are still involved in dance but more on the teaching side.

Michelle said ballet dancing required a great deal of discipline and sheer hard work but had not expected to become an entrepreneur which involved a new type of discipline and hard work.

She said it came about almost by accident. Their friendship blossomed into a business partnership when the pair started the 2ballerinas two years ago after having noticed a void where adults could practice their ballet.

They have set up a studio at Bardon, on the corner of Kennedy Tce and Lizzie St. Michelle said the two initially wanted to start a quality ballet class for themselves and some friends that would provide a good workout and help them stay fit.

"Quite frankly, we didn’t expect to be so popular," Michelle said.

"Right from the outset, we were inundated with people who wanted to come back to ballet or try it for the very first time.

"I think it’s because people come alive when they do ballet," she said.

The classes they run are designed to give those who attend flexibility, strength and fitness "in a fun creative atmosphere".

"When they first walk into a studio, they are very nervous but they calm down straight away because of our serene and friendly atmosphere," Michelle said.

"It really is so much more welcoming than the average gym and we have met some wonderful people.

"We have everyone from grandmothers to young uni students in our classes," she said. 2ballerinas runs a range of classes for adults that are designed to fit in with their various lifestyles. For details, log on to www.2ballerinas.com


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