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Always wanted to learn ballet but think you're too old or out of shape? Nadia Correnti visits a ballet school where age, sex and fitness level don't really matter.

If you yearn for grace, poise and a pair of jiffy shoes, or simply want to find a fun way to get fit, the good news is it's never too late to learn ballet.

I recently visited 2ballerinas at Bardon, a dance school run by ex-principal ballerinas for Queensland Ballet, Michelle Giammichele and Rosetta Cook.

Boasting a list of career accolades as long as their slender arms, Michelle and Rosetta began 2ballerinas in April to teach dance to adults of all ages and skill levels. There are beginner classes to suit those who have never danced before, intermediate classes for those who want to rekindle their love of ballet and advanced classes for those who've done more than a few plies in their time.

"I never thought I'd find something as satisfying and rewarding as being a ballet dancer." Michelle says. "Our students are incredibly inspirational. It's really fulfilling for us to see how much confidence they've gained."

At 2ballerinas classes you'll find a diverse mix of uni students, mums, mature ladies and even men. The vibe is light-hearted, with laughter ringing throughout the studio. This is a place where you'll soon forget you insecurities - it simply doesn't matter how unfit you are or how fat you think your thighs look in those lycra tights.

There are plenty of interesting characters at this dance school. Take, for instance, Craig Whytcross, the truck driver who's been doing ballet for 17 years. "My boss gives me heaps." he laughs. "He calls me Truckie Ballerina."

So, if you've always wanted to pirouette or there's a pair of old ballet slippers sitting in your closet just begging to break free, check out the 2ballerinas website for more information and class times.



Image Captions: 2ballerinas welcomes students of all ages, shapes and sizes. Michelle and Rosetta say their students are "inspirational".

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