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Gooloowaa Opening

Noosa News 12th February 2010

IT was a grand opening with ballerinas performing to the sounds of a piano accordion and violin against the blue backdrop of Lake Weyba.

But it was also a snapshot of Noosa style: an event which celebrated the land and the people who, from the 1970s, personified the ethos of our local cultural and environmental spirit.

In 1992 Christine and Bill Tainsh established their dream of eco-tourism with the completion of four cottages at Lake Weyba to start Eumarella Shores Eco Retreat. Last week they rejoiced at the culmination of their project.

"We now have 12 cottages and Gooloowaa centre and that's about it," Christine said.

The launch featured the opening of Gooloowaa – custom-built for luxury accommodation, boutique weddings, corporate retreats and conferences.

But the story of Eumarella, 100 acres sprawled alongside Lake Weyba, started some 40 years ago when it was purchased by one of Australian's leading creative minds – Doug Tainsh and his artistic wife Alice.

Doug, creator of the famous Cedric cartoon and a script writer for the iconic show Homicide and a long line of radio and TV programs, was based in Melbourne.

But he was making trips to Queensland and ready for a move. He once said he had met up with the owner in Nambour and shook hands on the deal. However, back in Melbourne he became concerned there was no paperwork to back up the deal and again he contacted the owner. He said he felt ashamed of himself and aware of his urban mentality when the bloke replied: "We shook hands on the deal, mate."

Indeed, the deal did go through and, with the care of Doug and Alice's sensitive offspring, Eumarella has continued its journey as a magnificent artistic haven.

The imposing environment, dotted with huge white scribbly gums and native bush, is home to hundreds of native birdlife and wildlife species. In 2008, its bio-diversity and value as a wildlife corridor was recognised by the state government as a nature refuge and Land for Wildlife program.

Christine and Bill, ardent conservationists, have built eco-cottages to fit their values.

Visit www.eumarellashores.com.au


Image caption: Bill and Christine Tainsh unveil Gooloowaa at Eumarella Shores.

Photo: Geoff Potter

Image caption: Performers Rosetta Cook, Michelle Giammichele and marlo and Moshlo celebrate the opening of the Gooloowaa centre - custom-built for luxury accommodation, boutique weddings, corporate retreats and conferences - at Eumarella Shores Eco Retreat.

Photo: Geoff Potter


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