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Nov 12, 2012

Class Name Changes, 2013 Timetable, Xmas Party, Summer Holiday Classes

Hi Everyone,
Class Names
We have revised the names of our class levels - so please have a look at the class descriptions to familiarise yourselves with them.
For instance the Introduction to Ballet 1 course is now called Introduction to Ballet and we have added in a new level called Level 1.
This will make that step up from the Introduction to Ballet course easier and alleviate the problem in that the current Introduction to Ballet 2 class (now called Level 2) has become too difficult for those coming straight up from an Introduction Course. So if anyone who has come to an Introduction 1 course in the past and has found the Level 2 class too hard - feel assured that this new level will stay at a level that is appropriate for beginners.
Hope that makes sense! Any queries please email or call us.
2013 Timetable
Our timetable for 2013 is now up on the website - there are a few changes and additions.

The 2013 timetable will commence on Monday January 7 with the exception of the following classes:

  • Pointe class on Mondays - starts February 4
  • Masterclass - starts January 15
  • Yogadance - starts February 1
  • Introduction to Ballet and Contemporary Courses - the week of January 28

Please look at the timetable to check the changes as some of your class times may have altered slightly.

Christmas Party
The Christmas party will be held Sat 15th December in the Lizzie St Hall.
Our warm up Barre starts at 6pm and all the dances are after that.
BYO plate of food & champagne glass, orange juice and champagne will be provided!
We hope to see you there!
Summer Holiday Classes
Finally, here is a run-down of our Holiday Classes over the Dec / Jan period.

Our main timetable will finish on 15th December and our summer holiday classes will be running between the following dates:

  • Mon 17 Dec - Sat 22nd Dec
  • Wed 2nd Jan - Sat 5th Jan
Summer Holiday Classes
All classes held at Lizzie St Hall
  • Monday 17th 6.15 pm - 7.15 pm Level 2
  • Tuesday 18th 7.15 pm - 8.15 pm Level 1
  • Wednesday 19th 10 am - 11 am Level 3
  • Wednesday 19th 6.30 pm - 7.30 pm Level 3
  • Thursday 20th 7 pm - 8 pm Level 3
  • Saturday 22nd 3 pm - 4pm Level 2
  • Wednesday 2nd 10 am - 11 am Level 3
  • Wednesday 2nd 6.30 pm - 7.30 pm Level 2
  • Thursday 3rd 7 pm - 8 pm Level 3
  • Saturday 5th 3 pm - 4pm Level 1
Rosetta & Michelle

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