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Sep 25, 2015

September 2015 News Update

Hi Everyone
A special announcement and some reminders - 
SPECIAL CHRISTMAS PARTY DANCE - Vanessa's 7.15pm Monday class - The Polonaise from The Sleeping Beauty
We are excited to announce this great opportunity to learn a group dance to the Polonaise from The Sleeping Beauty with Vanessa.
This is open to students of a level 2 and up. It is not a technically demanding dance, and there is a lot to enjoy because of its style.
The class will start learning this dance from October 5th. As with all the Christmas Party dances the learning will be spread out over the 8 weeks leading up to the Party so it wont matter if you cant make every class there will be plenty of opportunity to catch up. It also doesn't matter if you are not going to participate in the performance, you can still learn it as you would any class exercise.
And just a reminder - 
JAZZ CLASS STARTING SOON - Thursday October 8th
Our new jazz class with Riannon is commencing from 7.15 - 8.15pm in the Lizzie St Hall. This class is going to be suitable to those new to jazz and with level 1 experience. 
If you want to do a refresher or you know anyone that maybe interested in learning ballet our next and last courses for the year will be  They will be running at the following times - 
Tuesday 10 - 11 am and 6- 7 pm and Saturday 12.30 - 1.30pm.
Just a reminder about our Sunday classes - we have two wonderful teachers - Riannon McLean taking a level 1 Ballet at 10am and Fiona taking a level 1 Contemporary at 11am in the Lizzie St Hall. 
Best wishes
Rosetta and Michelle

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