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Mar 1, 2016

Settling in

Hi All
Just a quick update on the settling in of the new studios...
Its been a big move in a very short amount of time and the main thing is we have three great studios up and running! 
As both schools timetables were already in place we are currently working to adjust which class goes into which studio.
There could be some small adjustments to classes and times (and addition of new classes for instance jazz and tap) so we will let you know as these things happen accordingly.
There are a lot more exciting things to come - 
  • Next week studio 2 and 3 will be getting air conditioning (plus some windows in studio 3).
  • We will be getting wall mounted barres around the studios - so the free standing barres are temporary.
  • Foyer area decorating - we are working towards a space that will accommodate everyones needs - for instance storage space for bags, change rooms, a kitchenette and access to water.
It is a big venture and there may be some small hiccups along the way but we are aiming for a wonderful dance space for all!

We ask everyone to be patient while we transition into our new space! 

Best wishes
2ballerinas and Project Movement
Rosetta Cook and Michelle White

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