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Mar 31, 2016

Our new piano and its history

One of our students, Lou Ruddle, has generously donated her piano to 2ballerinas. We are so grateful for her generosity. Here is a background to the history of the piano ...

History of the Stelzner piano

In the home in which I grew up in Ipswich, my Father played a grand piano (to which Dame Nellie Melba once sang).  At the age of four I sat at that piano and attempted to play the first part of God Save the Queen (with one finger) and persisted until I got it right.  As time went on I was playing by ear with two hands.  If ever I got stuck on the bass, I would shout for Dad and he would put everything right.

Dad and his siblings (all 9 of them) played musical instruments.  My Auntie Irene (Cumming)'s instrument of choice was the piano.

This is her piano.  It is well over 60 years old.

Lou Ruddle and her Auntie Irene's piano

When Auntie died, she left it to me in her Will – in the hope that I would learn to read music and play properly.  Her piano has been with me since I was 27 years old (involving 6 moves) but it wasn’t until I turned 40 that I started lessons.  Somehow I managed to reach a reasonable level of proficiency but gave it up abruptly, haven't touched the keyboard for years and, consequently, have forgotten everything I learnt.

The piano has sat idle for some time.  It really has needed a good home but since there is no one in our immediate family with any artistic interest, the piano has continued to remain in my possession.

The perfect solution arose when the 2ballerinas relocated to Newmarket – sans a piano.  I am absolutely delighted to "bequeath" Auntie Irene's piano to the 2ballerinas.  It now has a purpose and a wonderful pianist, Catherine, to play it.  I will derive so much more pleasure dancing to it than looking at it in my lounge room.

Auntie would have totally approved of its seventh move and new home.

Lou Ruddle

March 2016

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