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Apr 1, 2009

Creating Agile Minds and Bodies - backed up by scientific research

Its seems that Rosetta and Michelle's byline of "creating agile minds and bodies" is backed up by scientific research. The April/May 2009 issue of Dance Australia reports that there has been new research that indicates that dance is the very best thing you can do to preserve your mental faculties! Dr Michael Valenzuela, who is a research fellow in regenerative neuroscience at the School of Psychiatry at the University of NSW, has written a book (published by ABC Books) called "Its Never Too Late to Change your Mind ; the latest medical thinking on what you can do to avoid dementia". Editor of Dance Australia, Karen Van Ulzen summarises what Dr Valenzuela said on a recent ABC Radio National program with Richard Aedy : "The best way to preserve your mental faculties is by keeping active." He divided activity into three important groups: social, physical and mental. Any of these activities is good for brain function, he believes, but preferably a combination of all three. And what was his recommendation of the best activity for all three? Dance!"

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