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Jun 14, 2011

The Little Green Road To FairyLand

The Little Green Road To FairyLandRosetta has been busy over the past two years working on the creative development of a re-imagining of the childrens classic "The Little Green Road To FairyLand".

Part of 2011 Queensland Music Festival, some of Australia's finest talent have come together to produce a magical evening of music and dance.

2ballerinas teachers Megan Futcher, Shane Weatherby and Kimberley Semple are included in the lineup.

Watch a creative development video on Youtube

Here's the Description from the QMF

A vintage Australian children’s book, long out of print, has been brought back to life through a magical new composition and dance theatre work for this centrepiece event of QMF 2011.

Two of Australia’s top-tier creative practitioners – composer Elena Kats-Chernin and director/choreographer Rosetta Cook – have together crafted a new interpretation of the 1922 whimsy, The Little Green Road to Fairyland.

This world premiere work comprises a superb musical score enhanced for live performance by dance, movement, physical theatre, song and narration. Featuring the stunning vocals of Katie Noonan and narrated by Christine Johnston, this QMF commission blurs conventional boundaries of family entertainment with its simultaneous embrace of make-believe storytelling, contemporary music and dance.

The tale is set against an Australian bush backdrop and tells of a fairy questing to return from the mortal world to Fairyland after relinquishing fairyhood for human form. Live on stage, the QMF Chamber Ensemble conducted by Sarah-Grace Williams, performs Kats-Chernin’s exquisite score while Brisbane’s leading dancer/performers help tell the story through Cook’s enchanting choreography. Inspired by its delicately water-coloured source material, the performance will be presented with a charmingly lo-fi 1920s theatrical feel evoked by footlights, shadow play and period costuming.

Narrator Christine Johnston /
Soprano Katie Noonan /

Director/Choreographer Rosetta Cook /
Composer Elena Kats -Chernin/
Dramaturg/Writer John Haag /
Designer Jonathon Oxlade /
Design interpretation Maria Cleary Design Pty Ltd /
Cutter/costume maker
Gayle MacGregor /
Lighting designer Dan Black /

Dancers Megan Futcher / Clint Bolster / Dan Crestani / Chelsea Gildea / Annastacia McCallum / Kimberley Semple / Neridah Waters / Shane Weatherby

Qld Music Festival Chamber Ensemble
supplied by Southern Cross Soloists
Conductor Sarah-Grace Williams /
Clarinet Lloyd Van’t Hoff /
Bassoon Sarah Wagner /
Piano Kevin Power / Flute Patrick Nolan /
Percussion Brent Miller /
Violin Rachel Smith /
Cello Louise King /
Double bass Gerard McFadden

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