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Anne McEachen

Also, I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying the classes - it has been 32 years since I have taken a ballet lesson ( I noticed someone else on your website also hasn't danced for that long too!)..

Ballet was my life from about 4 years old to when I was 15....in my pre teens I attended four classes a week at the Scully Borovonsky School in the city, at Sydney. I practised 2 hours daily and never did any other sports ( didn't even learn how to ride a bicycle!!) .My stepmother also ran a successful ballet school in the northern suburbs and we had a studio in the house for practice...I was lucky enough to have danced at the Opera House ( with Scully's) and was on the "Little People" show on Channel 10 twice (with my stepmother's school). I also did Russian, Hungarian and Polish character dancing in my spare time... for "light relief" and I really enjoyed that - such a contrast to the R.A.D discipline!

Anna Pavlova was my absolute hero - I loved the Dying Swan and my stepmother choreographed a (very simple!) version which I used to do at all of her concerts!! I still have my first pair of toe shoes... and I was very privileged to have Betty Block fit my toe shoes for some years, in Bloch's in the Strand Arcade, in Sydney.

My grandmother and my stepmother also took my to the ballet on a regular basis - I have been so lucky to have seen Nureyev and Fonteyn dance many times, along with Mikahail Barishnikov and seen the Kirov, Boloshoi and Moseyiv (excuse the spelling!!) Companies... whilst in their prime...

Swan Lake is my very favourite ballet and it never fails to make me cry - despite the fact that I have seen it many times!

I never danced again, once I gave up and was so sad for years about not continuing ballet - I can't tell you how excited I was to read your flyer in Urban Grind ( best coffee around!!) and was so surprised to see so many other women (ballet tragics!!) there as well. I find it is really hard work - as my 47 year old body does not have the attributes that it did when I was younger... but I just love it love it love it... and you guys are so great... very patient and not patronising with us non ballet professionals! I would never have contemplated going to back classes at a standard suburban school ( would have felt too silly!) and it is so good to enjoy the creativity, discipline, beauty and strength of ballet again...in such a welcoming environment... thanks heaps!!!

Anne McEachen

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