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Breanna McGee

Here is a brief story of how I came to ballet and back again!

I started ballet with Sue Done in Mudgeereeba at the age of 4. Once we moved from the Gold Coast to Brisbane I continued lessons with Sayers Ballet in Kenmore for another 6 years. Overall I enjoyed my time with Sayers, especially the end of year performances, and the strong technique they taught me helped me recieve top grades.

I was a energetic and very active child, which unfortunately made me very injury prone, even rolling over and breaking my ankle at a Queensland Ballet Master Class with Marilyn Rowe.

Mum says I was so determined not to let my partner down I still did my RAD exam the next week but recieved my first commended, a very sad day for a young girl.

After a car at the age of 12 left me with compressed vertebra in my lower back. I was advised not to continue so I quit.

It wasn't until years later that I realised how much I missed dancing. I've done other dancing, jazz, hip hop and other ballet classes but none fulfill my spirit like ballet does.

It fills me with a calm inner strength which noother dancing has, almost feels like home. Your class while still being very challenging, really took me back to the way I remembered classes to be.

I am so glad I come across your company in the local newspaper and can't wait to continue lessons with you.

Breanna McGee

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