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Desleigh Byrne

A little over 2 years ago, believing (hoping?) that you’re never too old, I went to my first ballet class, aged in my early sixties. I had always wanted to learn ballet as a child but never had the opportunity. Would I be able to do this?

I felt both excited and anxious when I began the introductory class and was reassured to find others felt the same. My memory and co-ordination have been seriously challenged (I’m sure this is good for my brain) and sometimes I’ve left class feeling a little disheartened at my progress, especially in the first 12 months. But persevering has been worth it. I truly love being a ballet student and I can’t wait for the next class. The teachers are all excellent and encouraging, and happy to answer questions or go over a routine one more time. There’s quite a range of ages in the classes, all of us united in our love of ballet. We support each other and have fun as well.

I’ve danced in two student concerts (only for students and teachers!) and it’s been such a thrill. Fellow students applaud with great enthusiasm. After all the rehearsing, it’s over too soon.

Now when I watch Queensland Ballet performances, I have a new appreciation of just how talented and dedicated the professional dancers are. And I have something special to share with my granddaughter who is also learning ballet.

Thank you Rosetta and Michelle for making all this possible.

Desleigh Byrne

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