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Helene George

When the third generation of my family discovered the love of ballet, I found myself standing in line at Bloch Dancewear spell struck by a 2ballerinas flyer promoting adult ballet classes. After 20+ years I have worked my way from totally unfit, gasping for breath in the beginner's class back up to the advanced class considering double pirouettes.

As the daughter of a professional dancer, dance was always part of my life. I commenced dancing in the UK at the age of 4. I started dancing at the recommendation of a doctor who had assisted me regain the ability to walk again after 12 months on regressing to crawling due to some unexplained physical condition.

Under the guidance of my mother's teacher Ella Hardy, I studied all forms of dance and performed as a youngster in the West End. After our family immigrated to Perth I studied ballet more seriously learning both RAD and Besobrasova Russian methods. I continued to study dance at University as part of my Bachelor of Arts (Performing Arts) and juggling teaching for the Yevshan Ukrainian Dancers, South Australian Rhythmic Gymnastics team and managing the SA Children’s Ballet Company. Management became my passion and the focus of my post graduate studies causing an abrupt end to the days of the ballet barre.

I remained in contact with dance as a Producer and Manager for companies such as the Meryl Tankard Company. Over the past decade dance has been absent from my life. That isuntil I finally gave in to the nagging of my youngest child who desperately wanted to start ballet.

She lives and breathes her ballet ... it is in the genes. So that brings me back to that fateful day at Bloch’s Dancewear, 2ballerinas and my regained life with ballet.

To Michelle and Rosetta, I remember you as gifted ballerinas on stage. I am truly grateful to you both for sharing your gift of ballet with me. Thank you for bringing the soul and spirit of dance back in to my life, all these years later.

See you at the barre!
Helene George

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