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Lou Ruddle

It used to seem to be that when one finally physically "hangs up the ballet shoes", that’s it!   Nowhere even remotely enjoyable to go to maintain (or regain) your fitness level, flexibility or simply just to experience the exhilaration that dance brings... until now.

I began classical ballet classes at the age of 6 and virtually stopped dancing not long after passing my Advanced examination.  After several years of feeling disconnected and after years of dancing, teaching and performing, I’m again attending classes (run by the 2ballerinas) – and I’m just loving it.

There is an interesting mix of ages in my classes – young dancers who have not long finished their studies, young mums, older mums – and we are even privileged to have the company of a couple of male dancers.

I turned to yoga (which I still practise) over 20 years ago to maintain a degree of fitness and flexibility.  And now, I’m dancing again.  Our wonderful teacher, Michelle, is so encouraging and the best part of this "newfound" activity is that it is fun.  When class finishes we are all so disappointed!

To anyone reading this, irrespective of age, I encourage you to get your shoes out of mothballs.  You’ll be quite surprised at what you can still do!

Lou Ruddle

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