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Mayumi Sui

When I left Japan I had to stop doing ballet and I was so sad and depressed because the ballet lessons there were one of the things I had a strong attachment to. I had been trying so hard to find an adequate ballet class for adults since 2005. However, I could not find anything where I could feel comfortable so finally I gave it up.

You would not be able to imagine how I was excited when I saw your add in the paper! So, I really really would like to say how much I appreciate the opening of your school 2ballerinas. I feel so lucky to have met you and to be able to join your lessons.

I started my ballet lessons after I graduated from uni in Japan. Until then I had been doing Japanese fencing for ten years. Ballet and Japanese fencing sound totally opposite things to try. One is an extremely aggressive sport and the other is extremely elegant art. However, there are some similarities. Japanese fencing requires a strong torso and precise posture as ballet does. However, when I started ballet lessons once a week, I was not really sure if I could enjoy and continue this totally new and different thing for me. One year after I had the first class, I met an excellent teacher who is very enthusiastic to teach adult beginners. Then, I was suddenly hooked on ballet and started taking two two-hour classes a week.

To me, ballet is not just a fun hobby or an exercise, but also a continuous learning experience, and relaxation both physically and mentally. Through ballet I have been learning lots of other things and it has given me self confidence to challenge new things. Then it changed my life literally! If I had not tried ballet, I would never have thought about studying a different language, living abroad, and getting married to a foreigner!

I stopped ballet lessons in Japan in the middle of 2003, so it has been already four years since I stopped regular lessons. Although I am still very stiff and awkward, I really enjoy the classes and would like to continue the lessons until I become too old to move.

Mayumi Sui

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