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Tracey Challenor

I started dancing at Caprice Dancing School at the age of eight and continued with ballet all through my teens. At 12, I auditioned for a place with the Australian Youth Ballet and was thrilled to be accepted.

I stayed with the company for 5 years and it was to be one of the best experiences of my youth. Artistic director Inara Svalbe, a former dancer, ran the company along professional lines. It was disciplined. Productions were taken on tour all over Australia and overseas, and the lavish costumes, choreography and dancing received much acclaim.

Some of my dancing friends went on to be professional artists in companies in Australia, Europe and America. Other company members forged a path in musical theatre and choreography. While others, myself included, ventured into fields as diverse as the media, medicine and education.

I loved performing on stage and interpreting the various ballet roles and I remember the melancholy that would settle over the bus as a performance season came to an end. Each tour was a journey into a magical world, away from school books and day-to-day ballet class.

Now, after two children and a 19-year break from ballet, I find myself back at the barre -  bending, stretching .. and sometimes grimacing.

When I was a teenager, Rosetta Cook and Michele Giammichele were among my dance idols, and now here they are inspiring men and women of all ages to pull on the ballet shoes again.

The class atmosphere couldn’t be friendlier or more encouraging. It doesn’t matter if you miss a step or lose balance. Enthusiasm counts for a lot.

I’d forgotten how arduous ballet can be, and the stamina is slowly but slowly returning, but the joy of dancing again pushes me through and I look forward to each class.

Congratulations Michelle and Rosetta on making dance accessible to ex-dancers and dance lovers alike.

Tracey Challenor

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