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Beverley Anne is a certified Feldenkrais practitioner in private practice since March 2000. She enjoys working with people of all ages and levels of mobility to help them improve the way they move, but has a particular interest in working with performers. Beverley Anne has worked as a movement tutor in the Performing Arts Department of University of Southern Queensland on and off since 2005, teaching Feldenkrais to actors in training.

She knows from personal experience how much your movement can improve with Feldenkrais. An accident and severe back injury at the end of her first year at uni, age 18, while studying Visual and Performing Arts at DDIAE (now USQ) put paid to any dreams she had around dance. Or so she thought...

So Beverley Anne had a career in theatre as a scenery and costume designer, scenic artist and makeup artist for many years, moved from there into film, then into educational film/video and publishing, working as a designer, art director and design project manager.

In 1995, Beverley Anne had her first Feldenkrais Functional Integration® lesson and it changed her life. For the first time in twenty years she could walk with ease and grace; movement was effortless and pain-free. By January 1997 she had made a sea change, career-wise, and embarked on a four-year training to become a Feldenkrais practitioner, something she intends to be doing (and able to do) for the rest of her life.

Since then, thanks to her new career path, her own movement has improved enormously. In 2010 she took up karate, to get strong, then, when the opportunity arose, Beverley Anne became a founding member of Glen Murray’s MADE in Queensland company of mature dancers, under the tutelage of Wendy McPhee and Glen Murray. Back to dance after a break of nearly 35 years!

She is now a member of WaW Dance, a collective of mature dancers. WaW Dance regularly collaborates with Vulcana Womens Circus on their shows. In 2015, internationally acclaimed dancer and choreographer Tiina Alinen invited Beverley Anne to be part of a dance project that culminated in a new work for five dancers, Moments of Self, which premiered in Brisbane in February 2017.

Beverley joined 2ballerinas in 2017.

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