Before coming to class please read the following

Pre book classes and Payment

All classes require pre-booking due to class size restrictions for physical distancing and for keeping a register of attendees. Please pay by internet transfer and show a receipt at class.


Enter through the front door and sanitise your hands. Sanitiser stations are at the entrance as well as outside studios. as well as hand washing facilities in the foyer and in the bathrooms.

Come dressed ready for class and go directly to the studio of your class after changing shoes unless you need to use the bathroom. When passing through the foyer please be aware of social distancing

Physical Distancing and Class sizes

Maintain the 1.5 m distance rule in the studios and when moving about the building.


Please leave the building as soon as your class finishes, unless you need to use the bathroom. Use the following exits –

  • Studio 1 – exit through the roller doors.
  • Studio 2 / 3 – exit through the front door


Barres are sanitised before and after all classes. Facilities are cleaned regularly, including daily wiping of switches and door handles.

Studio Exits

Studio Exits Diagram



Please make payments through internet banking and if you are using a class card hold it out for your teacher to click.


No physical contact.

Washing Hands

Wash your hands before entering the studio. There are also hand washing facilities in the foyer and in the bathrooms.

General Notes

Please leave the building when your class finishes, unless you need to use the bathroom, observing the designated exits for each studio

Other Information

Coronaviris is a large family of common viruses.  There are many different types of coronaviruses. Some of them can cause colds or other minor respiratory illnesses. In rare instances they may cause severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS).
(corona literally means crowned – it is how the virus looks physically – spiked all over)

COVID-19 is an illness caused by a new form of this virus type in 2019.

The name of this specific coronavirus is SARS-CoV-2.