Our classes are running! We would like to thank our wonderful community for their ongoing support during these difficult times.

We are following current guidelines and are staying up to date with the situation as it changes.
Please read the following:

Studio Protocols

We are committed to a clean and safe environment in our studios. We have ramped up the cleaning of the premises notably the barres and bathrooms. The barres will be sanitised after each class.

When coming to the studio please follow the following procedures.

Washing Hands

Wash your hands before entering the studio. Please change into your dance shoes then wash your hands before entering studio.

Please, do bring your own hand towel. We provide paper towels, however they can be in short supply, and none may be available.

We have set up a hand-wash area in the foyer as well as the bathrooms.


No physical contact.


Please make payments through internet banking and if you are using a class card hold it out for your teacher to click.

Contemporary class

There will be no floor work in Contemporary class

General Notes

Notes for crossover between schools at start of evening classes around 6.15pm, Tuesday 6.15pm, Wednesday 6.15pm, Thursday 6pm and 6.30pm start of evening classes and on Saturday at 12.30pm.

To avoid the number of people in close proximity in the foyer area we ask that students arriving for our classes wait outside the building or in your cars until the children have left.

Attitude Dance Academy will be finishing their classes 5 minutes earlier and doing a clean of barres and bathrooms and we will start our classes 5 minutes later. So that would mean coming in at the original start time of your class.

Other Information

Coronaviris is a large family of viruses. They are quite common. There are many different types of coronaviruses. Some of them can cause colds or other minor respiratory illnesses. In rare instances they may cause severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS).
(corona literally means crowned – it is how the virus looks physically – spiked all over)

COVID-19 is an illness caused by a new form of this virus type in 2019.

The name of this specific coronavirus is SARS-CoV-2.