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  • 2b News Jan 2022 #272 January 7, 2022
    Happy New Year everyone! This is just a quick newsletter due to the recent changes to keep you all informed about our Covid Safety plans. COVID UPDATE Masks Due to the recent surge in cases we would like to ask everyone to wear their masks in class unless you are having difficulty breathing in strenuous parts of class or you have a medical reason to not wear one. Class sizes As we return after the break we will be monitoring class sizes into January and... Read more
  • 2b News – Final for 2021 #271 December 20, 2021
    Hi Everyone Our last Newsletter for 2021 - another year of ups and downs with Covid but we have come through it all - with thanks to you, our wonderful community. It was so great to see all the class dances this last week, fabulous dancing and choreography! Congratulations and thank you to all involved. All the dances can be viewed on Vimeo through this link. TIMETABLE 2022 Classes will resume from Tuesday January 4. Not all classes are returning in the first week... Read more
  • 2b News December 2021 #270 December 2, 2021
    Hi Everyone Due to recent circumstances outlined below regarding a noise complaint we have had to entirely re-work our Christmas event. We are disappointed about this, as you will most likely be as well, but we think that what we have arranged will be a good alternative. The complaint has come through Brisbane City Council and it is serious in that If we are not compliant we risk closure of our business. To address this we are working on ways to control the music level... Read more
  • 2021 Xmas party numbers #269 November 30, 2021
    Hi Everyone, This is just a quick email to get an indication of how many people are participating in our Christmas Event on Friday 17th December at 6pm. We need to work out numbers so we can manage a Covid-Safe event. Please let us know soon if you are performing and which dance or dances you will be performing in. Yes, I'm performing at the Christmas Event Thanks everyone. There will be more information about the evening in the next Newsletter. Best wishes Rosetta and... Read more
  • 2b News – updates November 2021 #268 November 15, 2021
    Hi Everyone In this newsletter we have some updates to classes and the Christmas Party and a ballet to go and see in December. CLASS UPDATES Classes finished or finishing soon - Silver Screen Thursday at 11.15pm has finished. Ballet Back to Basics Thursday 10am has finished. Stretch with Fletch Wednesday 7am will finish on December 1st. Class changes On Tuesday 14th December Level 1 Ballet will move to 6.15pm and Pointe Level 1 will be at 7.15pm. This change will remain into 2022. CHRISTMAS... Read more
  • 2b News – updates October 2021 #267 October 25, 2021
    Hi Everyone Just a few announcements - CHRISTMAS PARTY - CLASSES PERFORMING Below is a list of the classes and teachers that will be participating at this years party on Friday December 17th . The dances are a way of sharing what you have been doing in class with other students from the school. They are just short dances, like an extension of a class exercise and there is no pressure to perform. So if you want to keep doing your regular class, and won’t... Read more
  • 2b News – October 2021 #266 October 2, 2021
    It's hard to believe we are in October already! Our last courses for the year start from next week and in October we start to plan our Christmas Party. Also in this Newsletter another recent Covid update re masks. COVID MASK UPDATE In case everyone hasn’t heard, there is a small change to the mask wearing. We are back to wearing masks inside the building at all times - in the foyer area when you are seated as well moving around the building. In the... Read more
  • 2b News – September 2021 #265 September 3, 2021
    Hi Everyone Just a few quick announcements - two new classes and a change of level. Please note the new classes will replace Silver Screen Jazz and Preparation for Level 1 Ballet but these will be still be running next week until the changes in the following week. Please check all changes on the timetable. BALLET LEVEL 1 MONDAYS 7.30PM Starting from Monday September 13th will be another evening Level 1 class on offer as the Tuesday evening class can get very full. This class... Read more
  • 2b News – Covid Safety August 2021 #264 August 28, 2021
    Hi Everyone, Just a quick newsletter, some updates/reminders on Covid Safety and class bookings. MASKS Wearing masks indoors is still mandatory, and is being reviewed every two weeks. Please wear your mask when moving around the building and as long as possible in class, especially if the classes are large and you can’t physical distance. You don’t need to wear masks exercising if you do find the exercises strenuous and have difficulty breathing with it on. SIGNING IN It's important that everyone keeps signing in... Read more
  • 2b Winter Workshop updates 2021 #263 August 12, 2021
    Hi Everyone Just a quick update with some changes for our Workshops coming up this Sunday. Guest Teachers Due to unforeseen Covid lockdowns and restrictions, two of the guest teachers Amy and Lisa can no longer make it. However we have great replacement teachers - Ballet Level 2 at 9.30am - with Shane Weatherby Ballet Repertoire/Choreography Level 1 The Romantic Era at 11am - with Vanessa Mafe Contemporary at 11am - with Lizzie and Zaimon Vilmanis. All levels welcome. Gain insight into the creative process... Read more
  • 2b News – August 2021 #262 August 8, 2021
    Hi Everyone, Great news - we are back running classes tomorrow. We have some important information, so please read through this newsletter. BOOKING FOR CLASSES As we are required to go back to the 4 sqm rule for the next 2 weeks we are taking pre-bookings just for the classes that we know can possibly go over the amount allocated per studio. All other classes you can safely turn up to. If you haven’t been to a class in a while and you intend on... Read more
  • Lockdown Extended July-August 2021 addendum #261 August 2, 2021
    Hi again, Sorry for the confusing message around Introduction courses - what we meant to say was this: Introduction Courses with classes missed due to the latest lockdown will run an extra week. The extra week will make up for the missed course classes. We hope it is clearer this time! Stay safe Michelle and Rosetta Michelle: 0428 672 920 Rosetta: 0411 887 043 Contact us here Class timetables and locations You have received this email because you are subscribed to 2ballerinas Pty Ltd as... Read more
  • Lockdown Extended July-August 2021 #260 August 2, 2021
    Hi everyone, We have an important update on the changing lockdown situation Lockdown Extended Unfortunately, the lockdown is now extended until 4pm Sunday 8th August. Classes will resume Monday 9th August. Introduction Courses Classes missed for our Introduction Courses due to the lockdown this week will be held the following week from Monday Aug 9th. Let's hope there are no more changes to the lockdown. Stay safe Michelle and Rosetta Michelle: 0428 672 920 Rosetta: 0411 887 043 Contact us here Class timetables and locations... Read more
  • Lockdown July 2021 #259 July 31, 2021
    Hi Everyone Snap Lockdown July 31st Sadly we are in lockdown again from today 4pm Saturday 31st until 4pm Tuesday 3rd. Classes are still running this afternoon until 4pm. Regular classes will resume Tues evening on the 3rd. Please wear your mask in class. Winter Workshops We will postpone the Sunday Winter Workshop and reschedule when we know we are in the clear. Let us know if you are happy to wait until we have a new date or if you would prefer to be... Read more
  • 2b News – July 2021 #258 July 20, 2021
    Hi Everyone Just a few announcements - WINTER WORKSHOPS AUGUST 1ST We still have plenty of room in all the workshops so please let us know if you are thinking of coming as we need to get an idea of numbers. We understand people may be reluctant to book due to the unpredictable nature of Covid. We would like to assure you that if we do need to cancel we will refund payments. All the proceeds from the workshops will be going towards raising funds... Read more
  • Check In QLD app #257 July 8, 2021
    Hi Everyone, We have an important announcement As per QLD Health directives, as of Friday 9th July, the "Check In QLD" app becomes the default check-in app at our studios. We therefore must discontinue our current check-in system. New check-in posters can be found at the entrance as well as on our office window in the foyer. The new check-in experience should be just as quick and easy as before. Check In QLD app If you haven't already, download the app for your device from... Read more
  • Snap Lockdown Extended June/July 2021 #256 July 2, 2021
    Hi Everyone, Unfortunately, the current lockdown has been extended by QLD Health another 24 hours. We will now be back for classes on Sunday 3rd July. If the situation changes again, we will send another newsletter. Best wishes and a safe weekend, Michelle and Rosetta Michelle: 0428 672 920 Rosetta: 0411 887 043 Contact us here Class timetables and locations You have received this email because you are subscribed to 2ballerinas Pty Ltd as . If you no longer wish to receive emails please .... Read more
  • Snap Lockdown June 2021 #255 June 29, 2021
    Hi Everyone As you are all probably aware by now that we are having to go into lockdown for the next three days starting tonight Tue 29th June at 6pm. We will be back for classes on Saturday 2nd July. Best wishes, Michelle and Rosetta Michelle: 0428 672 920 Rosetta: 0411 887 043 Contact us here Class timetables and locations You have received this email because you are subscribed to 2ballerinas Pty Ltd as . If you no longer wish to receive emails please .... Read more
  • 2b News June 2021 #254 June 26, 2021
    Hi Everyone We have lots of exciting things coming up! WINTER WORKSHOPS BOOKINGS OPEN We are excited to announce that the Winter Workshops on Sunday August 1st are now open for bookings. We have a great line up of specialty classes and fantastic teachers. Its $25 for one workshop of 1hr 15min, $20 for a 1 hr workshop, or if you are attending more than one workshop its $20 per workshop. This includes morning and afternoon tea. Michelle and Rosie the 2tealadies will be there... Read more
  • 2b News May 2021 #253 May 23, 2021
    Hi Everyone We have just a few announcements as we near the end of May. WINTER WORKSHOPS - SAVE THE DATE - AUGUST 1ST We are happy to announce that we will be running a Sunday Winter Workshop Sunday August 1st.The workshops will be focused classes with guest and regular teachers that give you the opportunity to learn something different than you would in a general class. More info coming soon. INTRODUCTION TO CONTEMPORARY AND TAP COURSES START NEXT WEEK We have a round of... Read more
  • 2b News April 2021 #252 April 23, 2021
    Hi Everyone Just a couple of quick announcements - GROUP BOOKING TO SEE THREE BY ADC (Australasian Dance Collective) We have arranged a group booking to see this fantastic Contemporary Company on Friday 28th May at 7.30pm at The Playhouse Theatre at QPAC. If you would like to join this booking please email Tickets are $49. SATURDAY INTRODUCTION COURSES start tomorrow APRIL 24 If you have been thinking of trying a new style or repeating course then there is plenty of room in all... Read more
  • Masks must be worn at the studio #251 April 5, 2021
    Hi Everyone This is just a quick email to remind everyone about the latest on wearing masks. Queensland Health have set mandatory mask wearing when you are indoors. For us this means anywhere in the building - but you can take them off in class when you are doing strenuous exercise. Please maintain social distance. This is just until April 15. Thank you everyone for helping out. See more information here. Cheers Rosetta and Michelle Michelle: 0428 672 920 Rosetta: 0411 887 043 Contact us... Read more
  • 2b News – Classes Resume tonight #250 April 1, 2021
    Hi Everyone, CLASSES RESUME Classes are back running from tonight and every day throughout the Easter period. The only class not running will be Friday 11am Tap Level 2. MASKS If you feel you are unable to physically distance in class please wear a mask. We have some 2b masks available for $5. If you need one please ask your teacher. Just for a bit of fun in these crazy times we made another little video. Watch Now MAKING UP MISSED CLASSES We are running... Read more
  • 2b News – COVID Shutdown #249 March 29, 2021
    Hi Everyone A quick newsletter with updates on classes due to the recent Covid announcement this morning March 29. COVID SHUTDOWN THREE DAYS As you are are probably aware Brisbane is going into a lockdown from 5pm this afternoon (Monday), for three days so there will be no classes running. Classes are still running this morning so please bring a mask. If anyone needs a mask we have some 2b ones available to purchase for $5 (in pink, white or black). CLASSES RUNNING OVER EASTER... Read more
  • 2b News March 2021 #248 March 19, 2021
    Hi Everyone Many updates and extra classes to announce - NEW CLASS - SILVER SCREEN JAZZ MONDAYS 7.30PM STARTING FROM NEXT WEEK 22nd March We are changing the previous Jazz Level 1 class on Monday evenings to a Silver Screen Jazz - suitable for Level 1/Beginners which will be taken by the Hannah Clark. NEW CLASS - BALLET BACK TO BASICS THURSDAYS 10AM (previously Preparation for Level 1) In this class Tracey will be breaking down the underlying technique of fundamental steps in ballet. If... Read more
  • 2b News Feb 2021 – Announcements for March #247 February 25, 2021
    Hi Everyone We have a couple of announcements for March: NEW CLASS - SILVER SCREEN JAZZ - THURSDAYS 11.15 - 12.15pm We are exited to announce this new fun class - Silver Screen Jazz. It will suit level 1/beginners. We would like to welcome to 2b, Hannah Clark who will be taking this class. A little info on what Hannah has planned for this class - Take a step back in time to the days where Hollywood was old and the ‘Silver Screen’ was new.... Read more
  • 2b News Feb 2021 #246 February 1, 2021
    Hi Everyone Now that we have the year up and running we have just a few announcements coming into February. CLASS LEVEL CHANGE CONTEMPORARY TUESDAY EVENINGS The Contemporary class at 7.15pm will now be a Level 1 (was a Level 2). Start the year off by getting back to basics in this fun easy moving class with Lizzie Villmanis. NEW CLASS! PREPARATION FOR LEVEL 1 THURSDAYS 10AM We are happy to announce a new beginner level class that Tracey Lee White will be taking starting... Read more
  • 2b News Jan 2021 #245 January 13, 2021
    Hi Everyone Water Outage Apologies for the newsletter so soon after the other one but we just received notice from Qld Urban Utilities of a water outage to the entire building. It will be just for tomorrow morning Thursday 13th January from 9.30am to 12.30pm. So this means if you need to use the bathroom it won’t be possible during this time. While we are here just another couple of things... Mask update There have some queries regarding the mask wearing and there is a... Read more
  • 3 Day Lockdown Important Update #244 January 11, 2021
    Hi Everyone Easing of Greater Brisbane restrictions With the recent COVID 19 update we can announce that all our classes will be back tonight - Monday 11th from 6.15pm. It is now a requirement to wear a mask indoors until 22nd January, so BYO masks! Cheers Michelle and Rosetta Michelle: 0428 672 920 Rosetta: 0411 887 043 Contact us here Class timetables and locations You have received this email because you are subscribed to 2ballerinas Pty Ltd as . If you no longer wish to... Read more
  • 3 Day Lockdown #243 January 8, 2021
    Hi Everyone, Just a quick announcement to let you know that due to the recent COVID announcements we will not be running classes Saturday, Sunday or Monday morning. All going well we will be back on Monday night. If you feel like doing some dancing at home, we still have our online classes up on our website. There are the free classes as well as our Introduction to Ballet and Tap courses plus the Tutorials with more in depth information to rent if you want... Read more
  • 2b News January 2021 #242 January 7, 2021
    Hi Everyone Our classes are back and we hope that this year is a great one for all with no interruptions! Just a few quick announcements to get the year going … NEW SIGN IN WITH QR CODE To streamline the sign in process we have added a QR code sign in. Currently it is not mandatory for dance schools to use this system, and we do already keep a database of our students. We will still have the hand sign in book as another... Read more
  • 2b News Last for 2020 #241 December 20, 2020
    Hi Everyone Our last Newsletter for the year… and what a year it has been. Everyone has been fantastic adapting to COVID requirements by signing in on arrival, thank you! Given the recent announcements today we are looking into putting in place a QR Code check-in system as well. In the meantime please ensure when you sign in your contact details are legible. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for your support for our school during this strange year. We look... Read more
  • 2b News December 2020 #240 December 2, 2020
    Hi Everyone As we near Christmas we have some important dates and announcements heading into 2021. CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY CLASSES AND DATES FOR 2021 Our main timetable will finish on Sunday December 20. From Monday 21st until Wednesday 23rd we will be running a different schedule with a mix of classes taken by some special guest teachers and current teachers. For more info and to book click here. View Xmas Timetable Classes will resume on Monday January 4. Please note that not all classes for the... Read more
  • 2b News October 2020 #239 October 1, 2020
    Hi Everyone Lots of exciting things to look forward to in October. GUEST TEACHER TUESDAY OCTOBER 6 Dale Johnston will be taking two level 1 classes on Tuesday morning at 9am and 10am. The 10 class is already full but there are some places in the 9am. If you would like to come please book here. INTRODUCTION COURSES NEXT WEEK Both the morning and evening Tuesday Introduction to Ballet courses starting next week on Tuesday October 6 are now full. If you have booked already... Read more
  • 2b News September 2020 #238 September 9, 2020
    Hi Everyone We have a few announcements - FRIDAY 9AM CLASS CANCELLED We aren’t running this class anymore so there will be no class this week. Bookings will remain in place for the Friday Level 1 at 10am. If you have already booked a permanent place in the 10am class and you are still coming you wont need to re book. Please let us know if you are not coming anymore to the 10 am class or if you can’t make it so we can... Read more
  • 2b News August 2020 #237 August 25, 2020
    Hi Everyone Just a few announcements - UPDATE ON COVID SAFETY With the recent announcement of more Covid cases in the greater Brisbane area we would just like to remind everyone to please be mindful of social distancing, especially in the foyer area before and after classes. Please only come in just in time for class, and leave the studios after your class. Please make sure you read our Covid Safe plan.Note on the crossover between Attitude Dance Academy and 2ballerinas classes - weekdays 6.10pm... Read more