We hold social events such as studio performance nights, parties and fundraisers, and group outings to dance performances.

Our main event for the year is our annual Christmas Party and Performances. Classes perform a small dance choreographed by the teachers followed by a party.

The classes to be performing are announced in October then they begin learning the dances. There is no pressure to perform and the dances only take up a small part of the class so the general class is still available for those not performing.

The performance pieces are a way of showing what you have been learning in class and the event is very relaxed and fun!

2019 Christmas Party

Our Christmas Party for 2019 will be held on .

The afternoon commences at 2pm with a warm up barre then following that, the performances and the party.
Please bring a plate to share and a deck/camping chair and BYO. We will be providing juice and water.
Warm up will be about 30 minutes, followed by a 15 minute break.

Here is a list of the classes that are performing, in order. We expect the total runtime to be about 80 minutes.

Classes Performing

Tap combined classes Level 2 Friday 11am and Saturday 1.30pm – Tracey White
Tap Level 1 Monday 6.15pm – Gail Bubb
Tap Level 2 Monday 7.15pm – Dale Pengelly
Ballet Level 2 Wed 10 am – Clare Morehen
Contemporary Level 1 Saturday – Lizzie Vilmanis
Ballet Level 3 Monday 7.15pm – Larissa Fletcher
Pointe Level 1 Beg Tuesday 8.20pm – Larissa Fletcher
Jazz Level 2 Tuesday 6.15pm – Ella Heijnen
Ballet Level 2 Saturday 2.30pm – Tracey Hammond
Pointe Tues 11.15pm and Sat 4.45pm – Lisa Edwards
Contemporary Level 3 Sunday – Fiona Cullen
Ballet Level 1 Sat 1.30pm – Zoe Doonar
Jazz Level 3 Thurs 7.30 – 8.30pm – Natalie White
Repertoire Thursday 7.15pm – Kathleen Doody
Hip Hop Level 1 Saturday 12.30pm – Taylor Bubb
Contemporary Tuesday Level 2 – Anastasia Woolmer
Ballet Level 2 Thursday 6.30pm – Kitty Smith
Jazz combined Level 3 Thursday 7.30pm, Gentle Jazz Friday 11.15pm and Jazz Level 1 Sunday 11.15pm – Natalie Hammond

Past Events

Christmas Parties, group visits and more, 2016 – 2019