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I have been taking Jazz classes at 2ballerinas for a year now and am absolutely in love with these classes, the teachers and the studio. They provide such an amazing space for us dance lovers to find our happy place. The teachers are amazing and encouraging for all students. I am 64 and have been dancing since I was a kid and still love it… even if I’m not as good as I used to be. The beauty is; no one judges and I always feel so happy being here! Thank you 2ballerinas.

Finally at 66 I have found the perfect dance studio for all ages and dance abilities.
Professional caring teachers, teaching adults. Pay as you go, no terms. No performances, No concerts & No sewing 😂 Just dancing, learning and having fun.
If you have danced a little, danced a lot or not at all this is the place for you.

This year I joined the Gentle Jazz class held on Fridays due to an invite from a friend. At first I was very hesitant because I have never danced before and felt out of my comfort zone at the age of 67 to be taking on something so completely different. Our teacher (Natalie) makes the class fun so I don’t feel like a dummy if I get it wrong and I love her excitement when we all get it together. Our class is an eclectic group of dancers of differing ages and abilities who are inclusive and friendly. So by taking this leap of faith, I am benefiting from being active, stretching the muscles of my mind and making new friends. I always leave 2ballerina’s with a huge smile on my face.

I’d always loved ballet as a child and after a 50-year hiatus (yes, I’m 67 years old – yikes!) I discovered that I had a yearning to express the physical movement that was still in my ‘muscle memory’. At 2ballerinas I was heartened by the welcoming, non-judgemental environment, and I’ve met so many interesting and lovely fellow dancers, ranging in age and professional backgrounds. The teachers are truly excellent and foster an environment that’s relaxed and fun yet gently challenging.

I love coming to ballet class. It’s my special time to do something that’s creative, spiritual, meaningful and fun. I plan to challenge my body and brain well into my old age. I just wish I hadn’t waited so long. So, if you’re thinking about starting ballet, please don’t be afraid to come along, whatever your age or level – you’ll really enjoy it!

2ballerinas is a blessing in a crazy world. And a relatively inexpensive one. The teachers are warm, relaxed and skilled and there is a real sense of community in every class.
Because there are several classes for every level each week, you can always manage to get to one of them – or more if you get hooked… Even during lock-down there were online and Zoom classes available. Escapism at its best!

I learnt classical ballet as a child and after learning to dance en pointe, gave it up in my mid teens. After a 30 year hiatus from dance, my sister encouraged me to take a class with her. Discovering 2ballerinas has brought dance back to my life for which I am very grateful. I have never looked back. Somehow the music and the dance transports me back to a special part of my childhood and I feel like I’ve come home again. Each time I finish a class, I look forward to the next one. I have even embraced learning a new dance style (tap) which I absolutely love – thanks to all the wonderful opportunities that this dance school provides. I know that there are new challenges ahead which I can’t wait to take advantage of. I have loved meeting like-minded people for coffee after class and enjoy the camaraderie. Michelle has an amazing ability of making everyone feel special. I can’t recommend 2ballerinas more highly.

At the ripe old age of 20 I decided to give dance another go, after quitting my childhood hobby a decade prior when things became competitive. Most dance schools in Brisbane for young adults looked terrifyingly serious and catered mainly to those on the highly talented end of the fitness scale.

2ballerinas has been an absolute blessing, filled with friendly people of all ages who are genuinely supportive of your attempts (however good or bad) to dance. Their class structure is designed with adult responsibilities in mind & it’s perfectly normal to turn up to different classes each week based on whatever life throws your way. Being able to dance again without embarrassment has brought so much joy to my week & I’d highly recommend 2ballerinas to anyone who’s ever considered trying it.

My name is Martina and I’m 33 years old. I’ve been going to 2ballerinas since 2015. I first joined for fitness and since have found a true love for Ballet! It’s a beautiful art form that is both challenging and rewarding at the same time. The classes are a safe place where I can express myself, make friends, socialise, get fit and find therapeutic value. Within the first year of attending I lost 20 kgs without drastically changing my diet. Just by attending 2-3 classes a week. For me, going to the gym or for a jog requires so much motivation, but with 2ballerinas classes, it’s not like working out at all. I look forward to going and get bummed if I miss a class. This is thanks to the amazing teachers who are so encouraging, friendly and make it fun. My fellow dancers at 2ballerinas bare no judgement and are purely there to share the challenges and joys with you. Everyone works at their own level from first time beginners to the advanced. The teachers make it work for all. It can be nerve racking to do something like this for the first time, but I encourage you to give it a go! It’s totally worth it!

When I first stepped into the ballet class at 2ballerinas a few years ago, I immediately experienced the warmth and welcoming atmosphere infiltrating throughout the class.  I have been attending classes of ballet, contemporary, jazz and tap of many different teachers at 2ballerinas.  All of them are professional, very friendly, patient and encouraging.  They respect us as dancers learning irrespective of age and skill levels by listening to our needs and correcting our movements gracefully.  The founders of 2ballerinas Michelle and Rosetta are very loving, kind and humble.  They sacrificed a lot of their time and resources to build up 2ballerinas and extend to different types of dance styles to accommodate the demands of the students.  Whenever I come to class here, I feel like coming to my family of dance with my lovely dancing friends.  Thanks to 2ballerinas for creating such a non-competitive friendly lovely environment for us to dance with joy and fun.  Love and blessings to Michelle, Rosetta and all the teachers and fellow dancers!

When I first turned up at 2ballerinas years ago, I was immediately greeted warmly by one of the other dancers. When I came back for the second time two months later she stunned me by immediately remembering me, and gave me another effusive greeting. I felt so welcome right from the start. You will never feel intimidated here, the teachers and dancers are so friendly and patient. Many times I’ve been waiting my turn for centre work and been worrying “arrrgh, I don’t think I can remember all of this”, and before I’ve even had time to ask, someone will read my face and offer to go in front, “Yes Please!”. You will feel challenged and inspired, and may even find yourself next to an ex professional (they are all lovely and gracious), but your dancing will never look back! The teachers are all excellent, in particular my pointe work has improved out of sight, even though I attend only semi-regularly. If I didn’t live on the other side of town I would live here. I have always had trouble with my pointe shoe fit, (awkward shaped feet), however Kathleen refined my last pair, and although it took a few trips back to the shop, it was worth it, as they are the best fit I’ve ever had and I’m much more confident and comfortable on pointe as a result. I especially love that 2ballerinas run classes in the holidays, even the public holidays, as I can’t go more than a week without class now, I seem to have developed rather an addiction to ballet…

Before starting at 2ballerinas I tried to fit into two other dance studios doing Jazz. Because I was a dancer/teacher in another life I was made to feel a threat and was left feeling very uncomfortable.
Never have I felt that while doing ballet with 2ballerinas. We are all there for the love of dance, an awakening of old wishes and not to compete in any way. Apart from the enjoyment of dance I have also made friends.
The experience has been an eye opener for me, to be with so many who want to dance, for whatever reason, stress free, has been wonderful. 7/8 years down and more to come.

I started at 2ballerinas early 2018 and have loved every second of it. I danced as a young child but due to illness and injuries had to give it up. I have tried adult classes at a few different studios in the past but often have been the only adult and it was rather embarrassing.
2ballerinas has given me a place to enjoy dancing again and not feel inadequate. The encouragement received from the teachers and fellow students has been beyond encouraging and uplifting. I can honestly say this is my happy place.

It’s amazing to see how 2ballerinas has developed such a caring community that connect people sharing the same passion for dance.

I love my jazz and tap classes heaps.  They are like food that nurture my well being. My good week starts on a Monday night tap with Gail.  Gail’s tap classes are always fun and easy to follow.  We have a good workout and feel good about ourselves.  It’s no surprise that we have become confident tappers.  Tuesday night is my jazz night with beautiful Ella who puts a lot of focus on techniques.  My body has good conversations with the music.  Thursday morning is tap and jazz with famous Dale.  Dale is such an entertainer.  It’s quite a treat to simply watch him perform in class.  Thursday night jazz with my favourite Nat follows.  Oh yes, Nat is such a special teacher to lots of her students.  Nat always makes an effort to get to know us.  It shows in her creative choreography taking consideration of who we are and what we can do. It’s hard not to love Nat.  There is always a sense of loss when her class is over.  Friday has my morning tap with Tracey.  It’s quite obvious that Tracey has put in lots of effort and energy to prepare her lessons to suit everyone’s tastes and abilities.  Her class is fun and at the same time, giving the right level of challenge we appreciate.  The bonus of this class is coffee social time afterwards.  My week is completed by young Taylor’s hip hop on Saturday.  There is so much laughter in her classes.

Call me dance fanatic but I just love the feeling of being alive on the 2b dance floor.  Life is richer when I go dancing.

If you’ve ever wanted to do the “Shirley Temple” (that cute step in all her movies) now’s your chance. Tap at 2ballerinas caters for all your needs, whether you’re an absolute beginner or fancy yourself as a pretty good hoofer. Every class offers rhythm, fantastic tunes, aerobic fitness, and is conducted by fabulous teachers. So please, come and join us for your trip to the light fantastic!

I started doing a contemporary class at 2ballerinas in 2017, after stopping dance classes 14 years earlier at age 31.  I can’t believe it took me so long to return to dancing, but I now do about 6 classes a week including tap, jazz and contemporary which I absolutely love and I have also given tango and ballet classes a go too. The hip hop class is also really fun (and a great reminder that you don’t have to be good at dance, you just have to share the love for it and give it a go!).

My teachers and fellow dancers at 2b are all amazing, supportive, inspiring, encouraging, friendly and welcoming and I am so grateful to be part of such a beautiful group of diverse people who share the love of dance.  I cannot recommend 2ballerinas highly enough. I love it!

2ballerinas represents an amazing opportunity for all ages (‘not so young’ in my case) to participate in excellent dance classes with very talented teachers.  As an older male dancer, it is difficult to find a suitable studio to attend where one doesn’t feel somewhat out of place. All of the teachers and students at 2ballerinas were very welcoming and I feel at ease whenever I visit.  It is a wonderful learning experience.

I have been wanting to dance at 2ballerinas for 8 years now, and I finally took the plunge.  If you are considering whether you’re too old to dance, too inexperienced, too unfit, or just not graceful enough, I do encourage you to give it a go regardless.  There is nothing awkward or embarrassing about these classes.  I rave about 2ballerinas to absolutely everyone and find myself making little foot moves waiting in queues.  I just know I will continue on with ballet for the rest of my life now.  The teachers are so kind and knowledgeable.  A gentle workout.  I wish I could come every day.

Thank you for gifting Brisbane adults with the ability to dance ballet again, or try it for the first time.

I always wanted to do ballet as a child but was afraid to. As I grew older I found I didn’t want to live with the regret of only dancing in my lounge room. I found 2ballerinas and the regret is gone. I am with women and men who love to dance, who are kind, and supportive of me no matter what my body type and level of experience. I keep pushing through any challenges in a supportive environment. The instructors are all amazing and top notch. There is only kindness and a shared love of the joy of dancing. Long live the 2ballerinas!

A ballet class.
Can a clumsy, stiff-legged adult gain
the ethereal beauty of a swan?
Of course not.
And yet…
just a little, perhaps…
There is beauty here,
ethereal, untouchable,
felt in the smile
on our faces.

Not only are we all grateful to you for forming the 2bs, but it’s a huge testament to you both for sourcing the calibre of teachers who you have attracted to 2bs.  These professionals have had wonderful careers and have danced with the best of the best so imagine how privileged we feel to take class from not only you two but from them.

2ballerinas is the highlight of my week! It doesn’t matter how tired I am or how busy I am – I always make time for my 2ballerinas classes! Having been the kid who was told she wasn’t ‘graceful enough for ballet’ at age 6 and gave it up very quickly after, I have found a renewed sense of joy and freedom in the classes provided as an adult. 2ballerinas and their remarkable teachers encourage, care and support their students whilst challenging them to strive to be their best ‘dancer selves’. I walk in with a smile and walk away with a smile – it is my home away from home. Michelle and Rosie – you have created something very special.

I absolutely loved your class the other night. I have had many years of dance training when I was younger (I have three small children now) but I really appreciated the basics in the class.

All my muscles are aching today which I think is great and I am amazed at how easily they went into the right position (particularly for posture). I am really looking forward to next week.

Earlier this year I was looking for a physical activity to get my heart rate up while still working my core strength. I’ve enjoyed Pilates and a variety of yoga styles in the past, but really wanted to try something new.

When I learnt Rosetta and Michelle were starting ballet classes (open to all levels) I jumped at the chance to sign up. Over the years, I’d seen Rosetta perform many times as principal of the Queensland ballet and couldn’t believe that she was willing to take on fledglings like myself. (Although my grandmother Dulcie Dunlop taught ballet I myself have had very little dance experience.)

Joining 2ballerinas weekly class has given me the opportunity to re-live childhood aspirations, while improving my strength, poise & flexibility with the added benefit of some cardio. Plus the other students are relaxed & friendly… AND you can wear pink ballet slippers. Joy! 🙂 What more could you want?”

I just love it love it love it… and you guys are so great… very patient and not patronising with us non-ballet professionals!

I would never have contemplated going to back classes at a standard suburban school (would have felt too silly!) and it is so good to enjoy the creativity, discipline, beauty and strength of ballet again…in such a welcoming environment.. thanks heaps!!!

Can I just say how much I enjoyed my first class last week. As soon as I got in my car to go home I was already excited about my next lesson. Thank you!!

I realised how much I missed dancing. I’ve done other dancing, jazz, hip hop and other adult ballet classes but none fulfill my spirit like ballet does.It fills me with a calm inner strength which no other dancing has, almost feels like home.

Your class while still being very challenging really took me back to the way I remembered classes to be.