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I’d just like to thank Michelle and Rosetta for providing an opportunity for dancers, ex- dancers, mothers, fathers and all creative spirits to connect again with the dancer within us.

After 18 years away from ballet, it has been a pleasure to be re-introduced to the beautiful art form which was once such a large part of my life.

To me, ballet is not just a fun hobby or an exercise, but also a continuous learning experience, and relaxation both physically and mentally. Through ballet I have been learning lots of other things and it has given me self confidence to challenge new things.

Then it changed my life literally! If I had not tried ballet, I would never have thought about studying a different language, living abroad, and getting married to a foreigner!

I was a professional classical and contemporary dancer and had not done classes for many years. I have been coming to the 2ballerinas for the past year and I must say I just love coming on my Wednesday mornings for our class with Michelle .

Michelle has the unique ability to let you feel very special and most of all, you walk out of a wonderful class full of positive thoughts and motivation. The class consists of people with a wide variety of ages and achievements not only in dance and we all learn from each other. This is a terrific environment for your heart to sing and to move those muscles… Gee, it’s good to be alive and surround yourself with positive people and have a balanced life.

It’s so so great to dance again!!! The choreo is awesome, the atmosphere relaxed and friendly and the music inspiring. Like many, I once worked hard to make the dream of becoming a professional ballet dancer a reality. I trained to a professional level, hit the European audition circuit and a year later I found myself working in London – the ballet shoes collecting dust at the back of the cupboard.

Ten years later I have an outlet for my passion; an adult ballet class that I look forward to every week. The classes are full of positive energy and encouragement as Michelle’s warmth infects everyone.

I never expected to feel so good dancing again after so many years away from the barre. These classes allow me the freedom to work at my own pace and level and I am amazed at how much has come back to me in such a short time. I love it and I’m hungry for more!

I started ballet dancing with 2ballerinas two years ago after an absence of 35 years. Now, aged 50, I attend Pointe class on Monday nights and Intermediate class on Wednesday nights.

These classes offer me many things – an extremely supportive teacher, a non-threatening atmosphere, lovely music, a physical workout, the opportunity to develop skills, friendships, and a release from the stressors of everyday life.

My balance and physical strength have improved so much so that when I have a pedicure my beauty therapist remarks on how well defined my foot and leg muscles are! So if you’ve been considering getting back into ballet or even if you want to start from the beginning come along!

When my friend Mel asked if I wanted to start adult ballet classes at 2ballerinas with her, I came up with every excuse not to… I’m not dainty, I can’t dance, and I had never had a ballet lesson in my life… not only that, my family thought it was hilarious that I would even consider ballet at 31 years of age!

After much thought, I agreed to join up and nervously went to our first lesson with Rosetta in late 2008 and to my surprise I absolutely loved it.

By the third lesson I had overcome the fact ballet felt completely unnatural and I needed a French interpreter to get through the lesson… it was just so much fun. Both Mel and I have since moved through the 10 week introduction and we are now in the beginners class… Rosetta and Michelle are so encouraging and some of the moves I never thought I would remember feel like second nature now. I even know what a Pas de bourrée is!

Now all my friends and family want to hear how the classes are going. If ballet is something you have always wanted to do (or never wanted to do) I would say to anyone, ‘give it a go’ because you get so much out of it.

Inside most older women is still that little ballerina in her white tutu.

Coming back to ballet after an absence of 20 years was a daunting prospect. After my first class, I was hooked all over again. Rosetta and Michellemake you feel very comfortable and all the members of the class are supportive of each other.

The tutus may be a distant memory but the love of and for ballet is always there – never more so than after a class with the 2ballerinas!

It’s Wednesday evening after getting home from my ballet class and everything feels right with the world!

For me, in fact, not a week goes by when I have attended my class that I don’t get this feeling of contentment, peace and overwhelming positivity. We search for and look forward in life for those moments that are generally so rare when you become inspired and invigorated by some thing or other. I am so lucky to have this feeling every week! Michelle’s beautiful choreography, music and encouragement are food for the soul, not to mention the satisfying physical workout, and for me, the extra challenge of remembering the step combinations.

It’s hard not to rave about my ballet classes but when its such a good thing, why not tell the world! (and you also get to see Michelle’s killer pointed toes every week!!).

Thank you to Michelle and Rosetta who have given us this wonderful gift of sharing their passion with us. You are both very special people and I feel like a much more fulfilled person for having dancing back in my life.

The first class was wonderful. Gave me a real “high”. Coordinating instructions and then translating them into the correct movements was a wonderful “in the moment” experience.

I am sure my brain will end up getting a better work out than my body as am a bit “unco” as my kids tell me.

Vanessa was so inspiring and clear in how she explained the class – we did so many different things – and I had no idea I remembered how to skip!!

I just wanted to thank you so much for the beautiful ballet classes you offer at 2ballerinas. I have always wanted to learn ballet but never had the chance. Last year I started the Intro 1 class with Vanessa and now I can’t imagine my life without ballet!

Vanessa has been an amazing teacher in Intro 1 and Intro 2 – I love her sense of humour, welcoming approach and her attention to detail. She doesn’t just teach us how to do the steps but also how to do them well – all the little details that can take something from looking okay to looking really special. I love the way she uses metaphor and imagery to convey her ideas about how something should be done.

I am now taking 3 classes a week, giving pre-elementary classes a try for the first time. I love Rosetta’s classes too, her kind and gentle manner, and the beautiful choreography she gives us for centre work. I am enjoying the classes so much and I am so thrilled because I never thought I would I get a chance to learn ballet as an adult. My confidence is growing and I can feel that confidence spreading to other areas of my life. Although it might sound like an exaggeration, I really feel that ballet is changing my life! I am so much happier and more confident now than I used to be.

So I just wanted to thank you so much for bringing ballet into my life. It brings me so much joy and I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn ballet as an adult.

Thank you to all at 2ballerinas.

I would just like to thank you for the wonderful opportunity that you are affording to us through the gift of ballet.

I had such a deep love of ballet as a child and early teen that was cut short by medical intervention for scoliosis. I never knew that there was a possibility for me to take this up again. I have been attending the Beginners Ballet class and every week I come home uplifted and touched by the experience. Those of us in the class feel sorry when each hour comes to a close – we just love every minute.

Secondly, I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful teacher you have in Natalie. She has been so insipring and encouraging. She makes us all feel like ‘swans’ (even though looking in the mirror may show otherwise!). She makes the whole experience just so fun and even when the left foot gets mixed up with the right foot, we always come away feeling a sense of mastery.

Thank you again – you will never know just how much these classes have touched my life.

As a child I longed to dance but had to wait until I was a teenager before I could indulge the passion. By this time, I was told ballet was only available to children and I was too old to begin – it seemed an unattainable goal.

Instead I developed a love for folk dance – Irish, Scottish , English, Australian colonial – and followed these to an advanced level. Imagine my delight at finding a ballet class which encouraged adults! The 2ballerinas classes have taken me a level of dance I never dreamed possible.

I still feel like an absolute beginner at times, even after 4 years, but every week there is an incredible sense of accomplishment and joy. What a brilliant place to dance!

Dear Michelle and Rosetta,

My heartfelt congratulations to you both for your magnificent contribution to the community, you are to be applauded for your efforts.

On a personal level, generally ballet is not considered normal for a man to undertake these days. I can assure anyone who reads this that ballet is challenging, rewarding, and a joyful experience and is food for the soul and has come from and has found a corner in my heart that has been dormant for years, it’s just there in my case.

Under the caring direction of Michelle and Rosetta and so many wonderful teachers, I don’t know how anyone could possibly resist the urge not to dance with their help, care and consideration.
Ballet has taken me into another dimension and finally my mind and body are getting a workout at the same time.

Thank you to 2ballerinas for sharing your passion for this artform, your enthusiasm is infectious, your classes are wonderful and the camaraderie between dancers is felt by all.

If you want to improve your confidence, self-esteem, improve your outlook on life – feel young again and improve your physical wellbeing, then there is no better place to start, than at 2ballerinas.
Don’t ever give up; try again and again and again.

I came over to Australia to work as a registered nurse in the July of 2009. Alongside this I have danced for over 20 years with a local school in England who watched me grow up and became my second family.

The thought of leaving them and not knowing if I would be able to pick up any classes in Brisbane almost broke my heart. After 2 weeks of being here and not dancing soon drove me crazy so I jumped on the internet and fell straight into 2ballerinas. Having no transport I planned the two buses from the south side and what looked like a small walk and off I went! 20 minutes late for class (the walk was slightly longer than anticipated) I walked straight into a new family.

I was so nervous but everyone was so friendly and Michelle welcomed me and the nerves just fell away. I have now been here over two years and am still coming to class every time my shifts allow it. It really has made the transition over from England a lot easier for me, and Lou Ruddle (a fellow dancer) has been my guardian angel offering to bring me to and from classes every time she comes along!

After spending 20 years correcting, learning and agonising over technique and syllabus work, Michelle’s class has given me a new love for ballet one that sometimes I thought I’d forgotten. I often forget the exercise Michelle has just given the class for watching her move! Dancing with the feet is one thing, Dancing with the heart is definitely another…

As a five year old girl I begged my mother to let me start ballet class. She told me no, it was too expensive and besides, “you only want to do that cause your friends are.”

At the time i guess that was fair and I pushed the thought of ballet from my mind till the ripe age of 17 when the old ambition retook me. I loved the timelessness of classical ballet. it was so graceful and it never altered to keep up with the times – Ballet doesn’t go for cheap gimmicks, it doesn’t need to. I fell in love and I just knew I had to pursue the dream. I enrolled, un-enrolled and enrolled again and finally, very nervous, I took my first class…

My love did not disappoint me – this was it. It was harder than imagined and I didn’t feel very graceful at first but I loved it. I still do…

After a long stressful day at uni, ballet cheers me up instantaneously. Like magic 🙂 If you’re in doubt about giving it a go – I strongly recommend you at least try it. You may see me there!

It is now nine months since I started adult ballet at 2ballerinas.

A Plie’ and wearing tights were alien to my everyday world but I can assure you that at the age of 65 years, the decision to take ballet has been transforming. My physical wellbeing and balance has improved beyond what I thought possible for someone my age. The discipline of mind, body and soul is outstanding and in being creative it releases you from the real world.

The essence of ballet is intoxicating, expressive satisfaction of the heart, soul seeking, descriptive of the mind knowing you can accomplish something not thought possible. As with me, from the very first time you put your ballet shoes on and your toes touch the floor, you will enter another world as if no other world exists.

For me ballet is a sacred expression of art from your soul and to accomplish a move that you never thought possible in a few weeks is so uplifting, you just can’t miss a class.

I can assure you I am walking taller, with more self-esteem and confidence, people in everyday life notice.

The camaraderie, happy and joyous atmosphere at ballet classes in Bardon is like nectar to your inner soul.

The teachers are wonderful, caring, and considerate of your experience if you have none at all. By the end of first term I was hooked, passionate, confident and fit. I did not want to miss a class.

Anyone who is considering doing adult ballet in Brisbane, I can think of no better place to start, lift your heart rate a bit and put some excitement into your day.

So put on your tights and ballet shoes and join with me in the happy caring atmosphere that is 2ballerinas.

Again, my thanks go to Michelle and Rosetta and all the teachers who make this experience possible.

Michelle White expressed it perfectly when she said, “You can go to the gym and you can dance. The difference is, dancing feeds your soul.” And it does.

I was amazed after years (and years & years …) of not doing ballet, how my body intuitively recalled the basic steps, and without the drama of exams and the childhood pressure of maybe one day doing this professionally. Now I can relax while building up a sweat & actually enjoy myself. The drop-in option & variety of levels also makes it easier to schedule (& this time ‘round, without the fear of getting into trouble for missing a class!)

Michelle and Rosetta are my childhood heroines in the ballet world and to have them as teachers, or to be taught by their immensely talented peers, is phenomenal. And most of all, soooo much more interesting & fun than jogging on that stair master watching the clock.

I only wish I’d discovered them sooner.

I joined 2ballerinas at the beginning of the year. After having 18 months off ballet, I must say that I was a little nervous beforehand (thinking should I or shouldn’t I go to ballet) but I’m glad I went.

I was welcomed from the start. All the teachers are extremely supportive and encouraging and the classes are so much fun.

Looking forward to another great year next year.

Thank you Rosetta and Michelle for creating a friendly and welcoming studio with a safe atmosphere for those of us who are new to ballet as well as seasoned students.

Larissa makes each of her students feel optimistic and capable even from our earliest beginner stages. Although we’ll never be on stage, as an adult beginner I’m receiving a thorough education in this beautiful art form .

With a relaxed and friendly style Larissa teaches with lots of smiles and helpful corrections that encourage me to return each week and look forward to the next class as soon as one has ended.

I can’t wait to see where my new journey takes me in relation to fitness, strength, balance and all the benefits of this delightful movement.

Much love to all teachers, and students who attend 2ballerinas dance studio for their friendship and guidance as we share in our passion for dance.

Beginning ballet classes at 2ballerinas as a 55+ with no previous experience of ballet has been brilliant for me on so many levels.

From my first class, I was greeted warmly by Kitty the teacher and other participants in the class and made to feel most welcome. I have so much new found respect for those ballerinas who perform on stage and bring great joy to so many people. All the teachers at 2ballerinas have been professional ballerinas and have the most amazing generosity of spirit in breaking down the components of ballet so we too can share in their love of ballet.

I have recently begun pointe classes – which I would never have imagined I could do but for the wonderful teaching, support and encouragement of the great staff. And I have made some beautiful friends through this wonderful 2ballerina school experience. It really is never to late to take on new challenges that provide growth physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. Thank you with all my heart.

I feel privileged to learn ballet at 2ballerinas by awesome teachers and visiting teachers, who show such care, compassion and love of dance no matter our age (anywhere between 20-80 years of age).

The classes are fun with everyone enjoying each other’s company and the encouragement received is appreciated and heartening.

For myself I cannot wait to get to class whether it be ballet or tap, much like a child with a passion for dance.

Friendly students that have the same love and passion complete the joy of dancing at 2ballerinas and I highly recommend the experience.

I can’t remember back to a time when I didn’t love, breathe and live for Ballet. From when I was a little girl living in The Netherlands, it was part of what I did who I was.

We moved to Australia the year I turned 8. My parents found me a Ballet Teacher with Schools in Caboolture and Clayfield and I danced and tapped away to my heart’s content. Many years of joy, some special highlights with Recitals and even being involved in a performance of ‘Ballet Steps To Stardom’ as a child at Her Majesty’s Theatre Brisbane, some exams (up to RAD Intermediate) – and then in my late teens, after some major Ballet disappointments, I stopped dancing!

Apart from teaching Ballet for a while to help out a friend with her pupils needing extra classes prior to exams, and sending my own girls to Ballet when they were small, any physical involvement in my Beloved Ballet was becoming something that was only in my past, more distant each year until I discovered 2ballerinas at 64 years of age!

Over the years, I have never stuck with any well-intended forms of exercise to keep me fit. Ballgames – well, my hand/eye co-ordination didn’t seem to work for me. Walking – I would manage for a week or two, but then it would rain and I would forget to start again. Aqua-aerobics – quit that too on a rainy day! I didn’t seem to fit the bill for any of these exercises.
But at the mention of ‘BALLET’ 40+ years on, now THAT caught my attention. That’s because the PASSION has always been there and just needed re-igniting.

How Blessed was I to find out that Michelle and Rosetta had the foresight to start these classes for Adults. I have been going for well over a year now every Tuesday. I arrive in anticipation of dancing with all my new-found friends, gently encouraged by my beautiful Teacher and I go home completely satisfied with my life, knowing that I will be back again next Tuesday. We all do our very best and we are all improving, no matter what our age or ability. Some have never done Ballet before. That doesn’t matter. Ballet is good for mental and physical health. Oh, and they joy of being carried along to the music! I have even watched my body form changing as I am becoming fitter and fitter. No-one is critical of your efforts. Everyone has that common interest in Ballet. Many like me, relive the dream of being a Ballerina – which we all ARE – at 2ballerinas. Our Teacher Michelle said a few weeks ago, that she just loves to stand there and watch us when we execute a routine she has taught us. She is so proud of us!

I used to have 4 Ballet Books in my youth – they were my Treasures – I would spend hours and hours looking at the Beautiful Ballet poses created by the dancers. I would study every one of them. I don’t know what ever happened to those books. I am sad that I lost them, but now at 2ballerinas, I get to look at a wall of photos of our Teachers in their performances over the past years. How Blessed am I to be taught by them! Sometimes in class, I just watch my teacher’s feet when she is showing us some Barre exercise – so smooth and beautiful. I want to be just like her! We are also privileged to be able to attend Workshops with other well know Ballet Celebrities who are invited by our 2ballerinas to teach us from time to time.

To top off your day, if the time is convenient, you might like to stay for a coffee after class. You get to find out about your friends’ Ballet journeys and you get to share yours. Everyone’s story is interesting! Often times, the stories overlap with others, for example, they may have been taught by the same teachers you had. Many friendships are being formed. I like no other friends better than those I have made at 2ballerinas! Come and join us and find your Passion.

It used to seem to be that when one finally physically “hung up the dancing shoes”, that was it! There was nowhere even remotely enjoyable to go to maintain (or regain) your fitness level, flexibility or simply just to experience the exhilaration that dance brings, but… I joined 2ballerinas nearly 10 years ago and it has changed my life.

I began classical ballet classes at the age of 6 and virtually stopped dancing when I was a teenager not long after obtaining my Advanced certificate. After nearly 50 years of feeling disconnected, I’m now dancing again.

I turned to yoga over 30 years ago to maintain a degree of fitness and flexibility because I had no interest whatsoever in either jogging or attending a gym.

I came across 2ballerinas completely by chance when Michelle and Rosetta were being interviewed one Saturday morning by Howard Ainsworth on ABC radio. Talk about being in the right place at the right time! Listeners were invited to phone in during the programme in order to win some complimentary ballet classes. The rest is history. That was nearly 10 years ago and it was the phone call that changed my life.

The 2ballerinas offer a wonderful variety of dance styles and there is something for everyone. – any age, any level, complete beginners, advanced – everyone is catered for.

Life’s so much better when dance forms part of your life.

When you read other testimonials there is a common theme: encouragement from teachers, encouragement amongst students, spirituality, exhilaration, fun, laughter, challenges for the brain (also a hoot), maintenance of strength and flexibility, and the formation of friendships.

Our inspiration is taken to another level when our wonderful pianist, Catherine, plays for our classes.

Class doesn’t always end once the ballet shoes, tap shoes or jazz shoes come off. We are quite a force at the local coffee shop.

To anyone reading this, irrespective of age, I encourage you to get out of your own way and give this a go. You’ll be quite surprised at what you can do! … And you won’t regret it.